UNSUSTAINABLE BEHAVIOUR | We are using up natural resources 1.75 times faster than they can regenerate.

PERSISTING INEQUALITIES | 736 million people still live below the poverty line of 1.90$ per day.

IMPACT OF VIOLENCE | 1.5 billion people live in fragile states. Conflict costs the economy $14 trillion a year.

REFUGEE CRISIS | 70.8 million people are on the run globally.


We believe that the challenges of today are consequences of conflicts, lack of cohesion and an increased separation between communities around the world. Global trends are putting pressure on our societies.

We cannot wait until someone else comes up with solutions.

It takes YOU and ME to ACT!

That’s MasterPeace.


We believe that the world has 7 billion talents rather than 7 billion issues.

Therefore, we use the “soft power” of music, art, sports and play to MOBILIZE and INSPIRE young people.

We believe that there is more that we have in common than what separates us.

Therefore, we organize DIALOGUE within and between communities and stakeholders.

We believe that the lack of perspective triggers polarization, extremism and conflict.

Therefore, we create PERSPECTIVE through capacity-building and leadership trainings for young people.


Mobilize, inspire and connect talents for a sustainable future with less conflict.


Positivity, impartiality, co-creation and “walk the talk”.


MasterPeace carries out its work through its local arms – MasterPeace Clubs. As a global community, we act across all continents and co-create innovative and sustainable projects for local change. The projects that MasterPeace Clubs carry out are aligned with our 3 main themes and 4 focus SDGs:


We are a group of inspiring and enthusiastic changemakers who are working on creating peace one step at a time within our own community.

Amee Dharamshi

Club Leader
Amee initiated the formation of MasterPeace Karnataka team. She wishes to raise awareness of non-adversarial ways of managing one's conflict, with self and surroundings. Amee manages local team with its grassroots projects and also contributes with the MasterPeace Asia and MasterPeace Global team for developments at Asian & Global level.


Dozens of talent bankers “donate” their expertise and time to help MasterPeace realize the mission and ambition. With these absolute top volunteers we increase our impact and deliver high quality! Do you also want to donate your expertise to MasterPeace? Send an email to 

Mukesh Madhavan

Psychotherapist & Sexuality Educator

Ashwini K

Philosophy & Literature Undergraduate Student

Nisha A Lalka

Interior Designer & Space Planner

Hemlata Sharma

Interior Designer & Sketch Artist

Mayurika Thakur

Sketch Artist & Student 

Mahin Parikh

Cube Artist 

Preeti Thakur

Educator, Paint & Sketch Artist

Barkat Singh

Curious Cuber & Conversation Starter

Vawini Chowdhury

Social worker with FatimaEducare team


Badminton player & Architect 

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