MasterPeace is a young, positive, international peace movement. We are currently active in 40 countries. Where we make a difference locally; on school, on the streets and in the neighbourhood. From Bangalore, Nairobi and Utrecht to Medellín. 

The world has 7 billion talents, not 7 billion issues
Mobilize, inspire and connect talents for a sustainable future with less conflict
Positivity, impartiality, co-creation and “walk the talk”


MasterPeace Karnataka club commenced in September of 2019. We are operating from city Bengaluru of state Karnataka. At MasterPeace Karnataka, we believe in sharing our personal skills, professional knowledge, subject expertise together with our valuable time to further co-create concepts, campaigns, and funding. Our club is fully run and managed by volunteers under the administration leadership of Amee Dharamshi. We work to address our social concerns using soft power of music, art, sports and play through which we aim to mobilise young people to use their talents, skills and energy for peace-building: within self, within our relationships and with our environment at large. 

It is through collective voice and collaborative efforts together with our partners, talent bankers and volunteers the MasterPeace Karnataka Club is working on the following:

  • Plan and implement projects focusing on social impact with expertise know-how,
  • Inspire youth to participate in retaining local culture and heritage,
  • Engage youth by welcoming them to share their professional knowledge, 
  • Create and co-create social entrepreneurship associations,
  • Encourage the activities through art, music, sports, meditation and soft skills,
  • Support towards the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) as prescribed by the UN.


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